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2015 Bids for Fire Engines

What actions can you take to save a life?
Avoid distracted driving (texting) & Learn CPR!

Vehicle collisions & cardiac arrests are
still our country's largest killers.

vehicle collisionCPR













Most fatal fires happen at night.

Smoke alarms increase your chance of survival
in a home fire by more than 50%!
Contact: Jody Matson to arrange a FREE home
safety survey and receive a FREE smoke alarm installation.
You may also contact Jody about getting a specialized alarm
for the deaf and hard of hearing.





Great news for citizens! WSRB Announcement
Poulsbo Fire maintains, and in some areas improves,
its fire protection "class" ratings. This enables
many residents to enjoy lower fire insurance rates.

Hey kids, Sparky's gone mobile!!!


Kitsap Fire District 18
"Provide Quality Service"

Our mission will be accomplished through
preparation, prevention, and the provision of
emergency medical,


fire, and rescue services.

fire engine basket rescue

911 NE Liberty Rd, Poulsbo, WA 98370 (360) 779-3997





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