Community Outreach

To limit exposure to citizens and first responders, community outreach has been limited to drive-bys.
Do you have a child with birthday party plans that have changed due to social distancing regulations?
We are here to help! While response readiness is our utmost priority, we also understand becoming one year older is a big deal. Unless busy on incidents, we will provide a fire engine or medic unit to drive-by with lights and sirens and wish a happy birthday.  Email 
How do I sign up for a CPR or First Aid class?
In-station tours, school visits, and public event requests have been postponed due to COVID.
*Note-When stay-at-home orders are lifted, requests for public events must be made at least two weeks in advance. Tours are limited to one hour and crews attending are still in service, with the possibility of getting called away.
 Motor vehicle collisions are still the number one cause of unintentional death for children, yet more than 70% of car seats are not installed properly.
2021 Class Schedule TBD
baby car seats
Common preventable injuries
or deaths include head
trauma & drowning. We offer low cost
helmets & life jackets.