What type of Fireworks are legal this year in Kitsap County?​

Kitsap County Marshal's Fireworks Info

Safe and Sane -  Examples generally include fireworks that do not have aerial effects or explode such as sparklers, snaps, smoke balls, fountains, snakes.


Not legal - Firecrackers, multi-shot, batter, or chain fired shell devices, rockets, and cakes.

Aren't the hours of ignition different in Poulsbo?


Yes, here is information from the City of Poulsbo.

New restrictions - Kitsap Sun article

 Chart showing WA State Safe & Sane Fireworks

Fireworks restrictions are subject to change depending on fire danger, and burn bans! The Kitsap County Fire Marshal passed an ordinance that may restrict some types of  "Safe & Sane" fireworks. 

Quote from Kitsap Sun
"Five categories of fireworks will be banned in unincorporated parts of the county beginning June 28 through Nov. 1. Included are what the fire marshal's office refers to as 'ground spinners;' 'helicopter and spinner aerial devices;' 'Roman candle aerial devices;' 'multi-shot, battery, or chain fired shell devices;' and 'multi-tube (cake) devices.'


Also, all firework displays must be shot off at a location where the "fallout area" is entirely over water. 

Safety tips - Keep a bucket of water and hose nearby and light well away from any structures or vegetation, don't let young children light fireworks, don't use fireworks while impaired by drugs or alcohol, never point or throw fireworks at another person.

Note - large fireworks displays are cancelled this year due to social distancing requirements. More info on fireworks.