Volunteer Lt. Joe Vlach

We are saddened to share that Lt. Joe Vlach, a volunteer of 33 years, has passed away as the result of a bicycle accident Sunday. We are all in a state of disbelief that we have lost this man, a great member of the department, grandfather, dad and loving husband. He was a loved member of the community and a careless giver of his time to others, he has touched many members of the community and will be missed.

Captain Chris Rahl said, "I woke this morning full of sadness over the loss of a friend yesterday. He was a friend to all that knew him and there was nothing he wouldn't do for his community, family, and friends. My thoughts are with his family, friends, and my fire service brothers and sisters that did everything they could for him in his final moments. I'll miss you Joe."

Firefirefighter Tim Quitsland said, "I am kind of at a loss. He was a huge part of my upbringing in the fire service. As he was to everyone that came through the doors of Poulsbo Fire Department."

Photo (c) and courtesy of Brent Jolly Photography

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