Dept. awarded new fire and rescue boat

Shields family attends christening ceremony for new fire and rescue boat

The boat, which cost $363,899, is 29 feet long and was funded through a port security grant. Fire Chief Jeffrey Griffin said, “It’s like a floating fire hydrant, but can do so much more. The multiple pumps enable twice the fighting power, and infrared technology can help with searches for people as well as search for “hot spots” where a fire could reignite.” The new fire boat, which is the first of its kind for Poulsbo, will serve as part to the region’s mutual aid. He said, “With a growing population, increased security concerns, and important transportation infrastructures in our fire district, we, in partnership with the Poulsbo Police Department ork hard to keep our citizens and visitors safe. Fire Chief Griffin said, “Thanks to this grant award, written by Battalion Chief Jim Gillard, we can provide a better level of protection and emergency response for our citizens.” He went on to explain the naming of “Marine 74 - Viking Shields.” “To be fair, it is much more than a rescue boat. We are experiencing a confluence of our community’s deep historical ties to its maritime origins, and the growth of the service level of our beloved Poulsbo Fire Department. The Shields family has been central to both, he said.”

The Shields family’s impact on the Poulsbo community has been transformative. Griffin said, “The placement of the Pacific Coast Cod Fish Company in Liberty Bay became the anchor that was the foundation of today’s Poulsbo. Our bay and our boats have become part of who we are. Jim Shields served as our Fire Chief from 1985 until 2008, a period of big challenges and big progress. Stations were built, apparatus purchased and many of our leaders were hired. Under his leadership, Poulsbo Fire Department joined, grew, and became what it was today.”

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