Busy day for firefighters

Yesterday was a very busy day for our crews. After the gunshot incident in the morning, we were called for a man who'd fallen down a manhole just after 1 PM.

Utility workers had been working down two manholes that led to the same vault. A man in the vault heard a loud noise and noticed that his co-worker had fallen down the adjacent manhole. The co-worker had apparently been walking backwards with his equipment when he fell approximately 12 feet. The 200 lbs of heavy equipment, including a dolly, followed and landed directly on the victim.

When firefighters arrived at scene on NW Finn Hill & Claret Loop NW, they found that the employees had already implemented their emergency evacuation plan and the victim was out of the manhole. Employees had applied a tourniquet for heavy bleeding. Firefighters offered some additional treatment and then transported him to Harrison Hospital in Bremerton.

Then just before 8 PM, firefighters responded to an unconscious motorcyclist who was found down in some bushes, just past a sharp corner on Edgewater Place. Apparently the man had been at a nearby family get-together when he decided to try out the bike. He was not wearing a helmet. Firefighters transported him to a landing zone for Airlift NW.

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