Stations and Apparatus

The Poulsbo Fire Department fields a number of apparatus and specialized equipment from four stations strategically placed throughout the district.
We also participate in multiple mutual aid and interlocal agreements with neighboring departments to ensure full coverage with both basic and specialty fire suppression, rescue, and emergency medical resources.
Station 71

Housing all administrative functions, Station 71 serves as the headquarters facility for the department.  Station 71 is staffed 24/7 and fields the following apparatus:

-Engine 71                                        -Tender 71

-Medic 71                                         -Engine 71A (Reserve)

-Battalion 71                                     -Medic 71A (Reserve)

-Marine 71

Station 72

Located on Falkner Rd., Station 72 serves the north end of the district, from Pioneer Way to Port Gamble.  Station 72 is staffed 24/7 and fields the following apparatus:

-Engine 72                                  

-Medic/Aid 72

-Engine 72A (Reserve)                               

Station 73

Located in Keyport, Station 73 serves the community of Keyport and the surrounding area.  Station 73 is a volunteer station and fields the following apparatus:

-Engine 73

-Aid 73

Station 77

Located on Pioneer Hill Road, Station 77 serves the Western half of the fire district including the communities of Keyport and Port Gamble.  Station 77 also provides first due ALS service to the northern portion of Subbase Bangor and Naval Undersea Warfare Center Keyport.  Station 77 is staffed 24/7 and fields the following apparatus:

-Engine 77

-Medic 77

-Tender 77

-Aid 77 (Reserve)

Training Tower

Co-located with Station 77, the Poulsbo Fire Department's training tower provides the opportunity to create realistic, scenario based training for personnel from the Poulsbo Fire Department as well as surrounding agencies.